Our wine selection is an experience to behold. We can guide you directly to the one you’re looking for or take our time showing you the most popular reds, the most surprising whites, and the rarest bouquets. If you’re on your way to present a bottle as a gift, we have bags, tags, and other accessories to wrap it up nicely before you arrive.

Weekly Wine Tastings

Thursday nights are especially fun at Monticello Liquor! From 6:00-8:00pm, we feature a new wine for customers to sip on while browsing.

Pairing with Food

With years of catering experience, we can offer an expert analysis on pairing wine for any type of meal! If you’re open to a challenge, we’ll even recommend a bottle and suggest a meal to complement it.

Storage & Temperature Control

Storing wine bottles at the proper temperature protects the quality within. Not only do we keep the store’s thermostat at a safe balance, but we also have a temperature controlled wine cellar for our high-end wines.

Gift Baskets

We craft custom gift baskets that can be put together in a day or less. Just tell us what you’d like to include, and we’ll fill, arrange, and wrap it for you. The average price ($30) varies based on how many items are chosen and how ornate of a basket you want. We’re your one-stop gift shop! Contact us to get a quote or place an order.